Two kT/C or not Two kT/C: That is the Question

Analysis of “kT/C” noise for a finite bandwidth switched-capacitor integrator: discreteIntegratorNoise_v2.

DAC Spectrum with Output Clock Jitter

Exact results for a DAC signal spectrum in the presence of output clock white noise and close-in phase noise. Significantly updated and expanded the May 2010 version in August: DACspectrum_v14.

Graphical Analysis of Non-Ideal OTA Integrator

Fast analysis of the archetypical non-ideal operational transconductance amplifier (OTA) integrator circuit: OTA_GBW_v3.

Cascading Two Netgear Routers

Detailed instructions how to slave one Netgear router to another. This is similar to adding a “switch” behind the first router, but now you also have a second wireless access point. See: cascadedRouterWebInfo_v3.

Leveraged Fund Price Fluctuation Loss

Who benefits statistically from a leveraged fund other than its manager? According to leveraged_funds_v4, no one.


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